Huawei Tab Servicable Models

Spot Service Technician specialists, have not only the competency to deal with laptops and other devices but also with tablet problems. We understand how fragile tablets are, and know at what extent an individual can suffer after damaging the expensive tablets, and that’s why we provide diagnosis to your tablet at a fixed price. If your Huawei mobile phone is simply not working due to the software fault, we are able to repair. We can do all kinds of reapir and replacement (with OEM parts) services of your device at our service center. Our specialists have experience in handling various damage cases. From complicated to simple technical issues we have gained expertise in dealing with multiple damage situations. Following are the services which we offer.

Huawei - Honor Tab Servicable Parts

  • 1. Touch Screen Repair & Replacement
  • 2. Home Button, On off and Volume button Problem
  • 3. Camera Fault Repair/Replacement
  • 4. Battery Problem Replacement
  • 5. Water Damage& Other Liquid Damage Service
  • 6. Speaker, Ringer and Mic Problem
  • 7. Board Level Service
  • 8. Internet Connectivity & Wifi Problem
  • 9. Os - Virus Problem
  • 10. OverHeating Problem