Huawei Mobile Accessories Parts

Arrange Huawei - Honor Mobile parts from Spot Service and spare a fortune on a substitution! In case you're searching for Huawei Phone parts that are in stock and in the China, this is the site for you. We make it quick and moderate to repair your Huawei Phone, with new parts accessible for a small amount of the cost of the most recent model. All our Huawei - Honor replacement parts accompanied a 90 days guarantee and 24 hour dispatch guarantee, so you'll move down and perusing in a matter of seconds. In the event that you require repair parts to make your Huawei Spot Service "happy" once more.!

  • 1. Screen Replacement With Frame
  • 2. Glass Lens
  • 3. Middle Frame
  • 4. Battery Door
  • 5. LCD Polarizer Film
  • 6. Charging Port Flex Cable
  • 7. Front Camera
  • 8. Back Camera
  • 9. Fingerprint Sensor Flex Cable
  • 10. Power and Volume Button Flex Cable
  • 11. Vibrator Motor
  • 12. Microphone Flex Cable
  • 13. SIM Card Tray
  • 14. SIM Card Reader
  • 15. Back Camera Lens
  • 16. Battery Door Adhesive